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California RFID Bill Takes Another Legislative Step

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

Back in February I wrote about how the California Senate approved a bill to outlaw skimming of RFID tags. See The bill was sent to the California State Assembly.

This update is from RFID Journal:

California RFID Bill Takes Another Legislative Step
The California’s SB 31 RFID Bill has unanimously passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee by a vote of 10-0, and re-referred it to the Assembly’s Committee on Appropriations. The bill, introduced by California State Senator Joe Simitian, makes it illegal for a person to intentionally read or attempt to read an RFID tag in another individual’s identification document without their knowledge and prior consent. The bill is particularly aimed at protecting private information that may be stored on drivers’ licenses and other forms of identification. SB 31 is one of several RFID laws the senator has introduced, which were derived from a larger bill he introduced in 2006. That bill, SB 768, passed both state legislative houses before being vetoed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (see Calif. Gov Terminates RFID ID Bill). The revamped bills include SB 31; SB 30, which calls for privacy and security safeguards on RFID-enabled, government-issued identification documents; and SB 29, which places a three-year moratorium on the use of government-issued RFID devices for the purpose of tracking, monitoring or recording the presence of students in public schools.

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