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Rose-tinted view of RFID?

Louis Parks recently gave a presentation at INTERPHEX, a conference for the pharmaceutical industry, about RFID security.  An article in US PharmaTechnologist summarizes his talk. Pharma companies need to look a little deeper and be aware that radio frequency identification (RFID) is not necessarily the foolproof solution to supply chain protection that some parties are…

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Mistaken Identity

Contributed by Louis Parks Last month’s injunction against the FDA’s Pedigree mandate has been sited as a blow to the adoption of RFID in the pharmaceutical supply chain. However, the only current connection between RFID and e-Pedigree is that EPCglobal, an RFID standards body, has taken responsibility for writing a standard for e-Pedigree. The use…

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A Strong Dose of RFID

Contributed by Louis Parks: I just attended the three-day RFID Health Care Industry Adoption Summit sponsored by the National Associations of Chain Drug Stores and the Healthcare Distribution Management Association. This was billed as the single largest pharmaceutical meeting (to date) to discuss and review progress in adopting RFID.  It was very impressive to see…

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