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Internet of Everything

Patient, Heal Thy Quantified Self

Smartwatches, smartglasses, smartwear are everywhere or, should we say everyware. It’s a ubicomp world where endless amounts of data based on our quantified self is attainable in real time thanks to the Internet of Things. And while knowing the number of steps we took today, can be important to a person, the leak or interruption…

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Securing the IoS – the Internet of Sensors

The Internet of Things is talking loud and clear and nearly anyone can listen. Sensors are on almost everything from cars, refrigerators and wearables, to a town’s streetlights, water supply systems and air quality tracking devices. People’s lives are made easier and more efficient with the delivery of helpful data and information in seconds. The…

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SecureRF Announces Algebraic Eraser Core to provide Public Key security for IoT

We are pleased to announce our Algebraic Eraser Core which provides Public Key security for FPGAs, ASICs, and embedded devices. This ultra-fast and very low power solution addresses privacy and security needs for the Internet of Things including consumer products, medical devices, building/home automation, credentials, automotive, and mobile payments. It delivers greater than 60X performance…

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#IoTChat: Internet of Things Twittersphere Chats Evolve

In exactly 24 hours we’ll start the first #IoTChat! Aug 6, 11am PT / 2pm ET – A new discussion on #IoT! InternetofThings (@Cisco_IoT) August 5, 2014   #IoTChat is Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) community discussion on Twitter that takes place every Wednesday at 11am PDT / 2:00PM EST for one hour. August 6th…

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The Growing Number of Events About the "Internet of Things"

I commented in a blog post last spring that You know when you start seeing a lot of new conferences and forums around a particular technology that it is getting to be a hot topic. Then it was in reference to the number of Supply Chain Assurance events, especially around counterfeit electronics. Now I am…

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