Security Toolkit for the
Intel DE10-Nano Board

Developers working with the Intel DE10-Nano development board (based on an Intel SoC FPGA) can implement SecureRF's market-ready cryptographic toolkit to secure their next application or solution. Below are links to developer resources and product information.

Intel DE10-Nano development board

SecureRF provides a DE10-Nano FPGA board image that includes the Walnut Digital Signature AlgorithmTM and Ironwood Key Agreement ProtocolTM . Ironwood KAPTM enables two endpoints to generate a shared secret over an open channel, while WalnutDSATM allows one device to generate a document that is verified by another. Both are implemented partially in software on the Intel Cyclone V’s ARM Cortex-A9 and partially in FPGA fabric. The FPGA image is configured to run WalnutDSA together with Ironwood KAP as a demo. Also included are three separate demos plus sample signatures and cryptographic keys to help demonstrate the operation of the signature algorithm and the key agreement protocol. One of the demos shows the enormous speed advantage obtained when the Ironwood key agreement protocol is accelerated in FPGA hardware: the routine runs 32× faster in hardware than when run in software alone.

Resources & Product Information

By clicking the SD Card Image link, you agree to the SecureRF  IoT Security Development Kit Evaluation License Agreement, the Terms and Conditions of which can be found here.

Download the SD Card Image

  • The MD5 checksum for the unzipped image is: 980EB00474BC497C3D871C984166FBB7
  • One of the demos provided on the SD card image connects your DE10-Nano board to an emulated IoT device via a TCP socket. The device is emulated on a PC with an “Emulated IoT Client” JavaFX application. Click here for the Windows .msi installer. Click here for the Linux .deb installer.
  • Technical Article: How to Authenticate Remote Devices with the DE10-Nano Kit

To enable quick and easy implementation, SecureRF has authored a technical article on authenticating remote devices with a Cyclone® V System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA that can be found on the Intel Developer Zone website.

If you require additional assistance, please email or call + Additional documentation is available at the Intel Developer Zone.

SecureRF delivers asymmetric (public-key) solutions that provide integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation for IoT devices. Our authentication and data protection tools provide a fast and easy-to-implement method for protecting new and existing products with strong security methods designed to run in low-resource environments. We address a wide range of wireless and embedded environments including automotive, supply chain, credentials, brand protection, smart grid, and medical devices.

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