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HBR and Tomorrow’s Smart Grid

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

When I hear Harvard Business Review I think of those HBR case studies we had to do when I got my MBA. But, I recently added the HBR blog to my news feed and I have been impressed with the topics they have been covering. Last month I wrote about the Demystifying Smart Grid Security entry.

I just found the HBR Insight Center, titled Tomorrow’s Smart Grid, . This interactive resource highlights the emerging thinking around today’s most important issues and is sponsored by General Electric and their Ecomagination initiative.
(Sidebar: SecureRF submitted an idea to GE’s Ecomagination Challenge: Securing the Social Network of Devices a Safer Smart Grid. Winners will be announced next month.)

Here are some recent HBR postings on the topic of Smart Grid security. My favorite quote is from the first posting on the list.

Security is the buzzkill, the downer, the guy who ruins the party by calling the cops. Only this time, it’s critical to have that buzzkill at the party. After all, if you think it’s bad when your computer gets a virus, watch what happens when the electrical grid fails.

Smart Grid Security: The Standards Problem
Blog | Usman Sindhu | Oct 26, 2010
The smart grid is an epically complex system that lacks even fundamental security processes and standards; ones which will be necessary if we want to deliver anything even remotely close to what the commercials promise.

Why the Smart Grid Might Be a Security Disaster
Blog | John Parkinson | Oct 5, 2010
What can gunpowder, a disruptive innovation if there ever was one, tell us about the smart grid?

How Private Is Your Smart Grid Data?
Blog | Usman Sindhu | Oct 13, 2010
Behind every technology panacea, you’ll find privacy and security issues.

The Smart Meter Backslide
Blog | Dr. Peter Fox-Penner | Oct 4, 2010
How can it be that an innovation designed to empower customers, reduce costs, and increase reliability has become so widely disliked?

This Smart Grid Insight Center has other great article and postings too.