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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what about two new videos?

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

SecureRF has two new videos that highlight some of our older work along with our latest focus:

SecureRF’s Public Key Encryption Demo on an Active RFID Development Platform 

SecureRF’s Public Key encryption methods are suitable for wireless communication, active and passive RFID, Near Field Communications (NFC) and the Smart Grid. This demonstration shows these methods running on an active RFID development platform.

Veridify Demonstration – Highly Secure NFC-based Anti-counterfeiting solutions. 

Veridify is an anti-counterfeiting, product authentication solution from SecureRF Corporation which uses secure NFC tags and a NFC-enabled devices to authenticate products anywhere. The solution enables consumers and commercial users to confirm an item’s identity and optionally retrieve or collect additional data from Veridify’s cloud computing platform.

Thanks to our friends at The Grid, the New Haven Hub of the CTNext program, for help with the Veridify video and inspiring us to make one of our own.