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#IoTChat: Internet of Things Twittersphere Chats Evolve


#IoTChat is Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) community discussion on Twitter that takes place every Wednesday at 11am PDT / 2:00PM EST for one hour. August 6th was the first IoTChat session and was described by Cisco as A new discussion on #IoT. These chats are aimed to clarify what the “Internet of Things” means as well as recognizing what concerns should be considered for the future of IoT.

The format is straight-forward enough: for one hour Cisco’s IoT industry Twitter account @Cisco_IoT poses 8-10 questions (numbered Q1, Q2, etc.) and anyone is free to respond with their own tweet (numbered A1, A2, etc.) so long as they include the hashtag #IoTChat. As simple as this format is, the fast pace and cross chatter debates can make the discussion slightly chaotic as well as exciting. It is a great opportunity for IoT industry leaders and consumers alike to network while discussing issues related to the Internet of Things.

Cisco incorporates a common theme with each set of questions they ask the IoT community, last week the focus was on security. Keeping with a singular theme each week really keeps things on track, and the questions are broad enough to get a good chat going. Cisco does a good job at keeping conversations lively but organized, knowing exactly when to reel the conversation back to topical subjects when necessary.

Since the very first IoTChat session we have noticed the size of the chatting community has grown significantly. Cisco’s #IoTChat buzz has also caught the attention of IBM. This Wednesday, in addition to the regularly scheduled IoTChat run by Cisco, IBM is sponsoring their own discussion hosted by’s Gary Barnett using the same hashtag. IBM will begin their discussion 3 hours before Cisco’s on Wednesday, September 9th at 11:00 a.m. EST. This is a smart marketing move on their part since anyone searching for #IoTChat in preparation for Cisco’s conversation will pull up all IBM’s chatter from earlier in the day.

IBM has posted their questions a week ahead a time, which you can find at One important difference between the two Twitter chats is the style of questions. As opposed to sticking with one theme per week, IBM poses questions that span a broad range of topics. The topics for 9/9/14 include IoT market analysis, data management, IoT infrastructure, security and privacy concerns surrounding the Internet of Things. It will be interesting to see how they keep the conversation focused.

With the continuous growth of #IoTChat Wednesday; this week will prove to be a day full of IoT-mindedness that we are pleased to be a part of. As an Internet of Things industry leader we look forward to taking part in both IBM’s and Cisco’s IoTChats and we will continue provide our insights regarding security in the Internet of Things.

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