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RFID Security Alliance Open Forum on 12/14/2011: RFID Security in Retail

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

The RFID Security Alliance holds a monthly open forum about topics related to securing radio frequency identification systems. Attendees can dial in or, if in the San Francisco, CA area, attend in person.

December’s topic is RFID Security in Retail presented by Justin Patton, RFID Research Center Managing Director at University of Arkansas.

Topics will include:

  • Required security for UHF Passive use in retail (tag locking, passwords, etc.)
  • The issue of counterfeiting/copying of tags. Why this is an issue and possible resolutions, etc.
  • Effects of security lapses in serialization of tagged products
  • Security issues in the store with external readers/tags

An open discussion on this topic will follow his presentation.

Justin Patton has served as Managing Director of the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center since its inception in 2005. In addition to being involved in most major retail RFID deployments, he has performed extensive research into RFID and other identification technologies in asset tracking, data management, aerospace, transportation, agriculture, healthcare, and logistics implementations. Justin’s primary focus is on business value with a strong emphasis on technical implementation of the technology, and is one of the primary developers of Arkansas Radio Compliance, the first baseline performance testing system for multi-partner RFID supply chain systems.

The 12/14/2011 forum starts at 11 am PT/2 pm ET and will last about 1 hour. Note that this is one hour later than usual.

To participate, email She will send you the dial in details and any slides. If you wish to join in person, the physical location is QLM Consulting, Sausalito, CA.

We hope you can join us.

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