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RFID Security — Are We There Yet?

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

SecureRF recently re-joined AIM Global, an organization that works to increase the understanding and adoption of Auto ID, RFID and enterprise mobile computing.

Back in April 2007, Louis Parks, President and CEO of SecureRF, did an interview with AIM titled RFID: What Do We Really Mean By Security — And How Much Is Enough?, see

This month, Louis was interviewed by AIM again for their Hear and Know series. Editor Bert Moore said It seems as if the journey to having truly secure RFID systems is taking far too long. But we may finally be getting close to where we want to be.

Louis talks about:
If anyone is actually implementing security within RFID systems.
The application areas that are most in need of improved security with RFID.
How standards bodies are developing RFID security standards.
The differences between public and private key systems. (More details can be found at in our Intro to Cryptographic Security Methods white paper on our Technology Papers page –
What the RFID industry itself should do to help foster implementation of an adequate level of security for RFID systems.

Read the transcript or listen to the podcast of this interview titled RFID Security — Are We There Yet? at