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RFID will fulfill or fail on the promise of information management

Contributed by Joanne Kelleher

In the post “Congress approves FDA Bill with section for Pharmaceutical Security” I made a passing comment about the need to address the database management issues related to ePedigree.

As someone who spent part of her previous career working on data warehousing and management reporting systems, I have a deep appreciation for the complexities that are inherent in these information technology projects.

If you are unfamiliar with data warehousing and business intelligence, especially as they apply to RFID, then I recommend you read an article from The October 2007 issue of DM Review Magazine called The Four Pillars of RFID.

“Information management is the solid foundation upon which RFID will fulfill or fail on its promise. Unprecedented data volumes will need to flow appropriately through the pillars of master data, operational BI, concentration and analytics. Only when RFID information management is sound can RFID data properly flow to real-time operational actions and downstream analytics and enable the true success businesses are seeking with RFID.”

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  1. Dave on February 9, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    There are a number of viable technologies that allow manufacturers to track their products from the manufacturing line to the homes of consumers (with end-user validation capabilities). Companies like Secure Symbology ( and Inovatum ( produce pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting systems that, if employed, provide assurances to consumers that the product that left the manufacturing facility is the same product that is in their homes for consumption. California has done a great job with moving towards mandating e-pedigree tracking, etc., but more pharmaceutical companies should be voluntarily engaging this problem for the health and well being of their consumers.