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Secure RFID For Drug E-pedigree

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

In March, I wrote how the FDA was seeking comments on how to handle prescription drugs. See

Now that the date for providing comments has passed, RFID Journal has summarized the submissions.

Industry Opinion Favors RFID for Drug E-pedigree
Comments received by the FDA show a preference for RFID technology generally EPC for a pharmaceutical e-pedigree identification system, with 2-D bar-coding as a backup.

Read the rest of RFID Journal’s May 23rd article at

If you would like to see the individual comments, go to and in the middle search box put FDA-2008-N-0121. This is the docket number for the FDA’s Technologies for Prescription Drug Identification, Validation, Track and Trace, or Authentication; Request for Information. Comments related to the Standards for Standardized Numerical Identifier, Validation, Track and Trace, and Authentication for Prescription Drugs can be viewed by searching on docket number FDA-2008-N-0120.

SecureRF supports using secure RFID technology for prescription drug identification, validation, track and trace and authentication.  You can view SecureRF’s submission to the FDA at