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SecureRF announces Veridify, a NFC-based authentication and anti-counterfeiting solution

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

It is always fun to share the news about a project you have been working on for a while.

SecureRF Corporation is pleased to announce Veridify, an authentication and anti-counterfeiting solution based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that quickly validates products through an easy-to-use smartphone application. Veridify’s secure NFC tag enables consumers and commercial users to confirm an item’s identity and optionally retrieve or collect additional data from Veridify’s cloud computing platform, using just a smartphone.

The Veridify solution incorporates Public Key cryptographic methods, embedded in the NFC tag and in the smartphone application, to provide a full range of highly secure identification and authentication functions. The embedded security methods also prevent copying or cloning of the associated tags.

Initial markets for the Veridify solution include pharmaceuticals, electronics, liquors, and luxury fashion goods that are often the targets of counterfeiters. Consumers and manufacturers will be able to immediately verify the authenticity of a product containing a Veridify tag at any time. Companies can also use a customized version of Veridify’s cloud platform to support supply chain management, as well as track and trace functions. Veridify tags can be incorporated into a variety of standard or customized form factors including under a label, within a component part, or in the actual product.

The full press release can be found at 2013Press_release_Veridify_NFC_anti-counterfeiting_solution.