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SecureRF CEO discusses security, IoT, SBIR and hockey in CTStartup Podcast

Our CEO, Louis Parks, was interviewed for a podcast by CTStartup. This was recorded at the CT Innovation Summit which was put on by the Connecticut Technology Council.

Their discussion starts with some explanations about security, which Louis clarifies is more than just encryption and can include authentication and non-repudiation.

They discuss various IoT hacking incidents and security risks, including the fact that cars are a collection of 50+ connected computers – which aren’t secured.

He looks back at how our Group Theortic based public-key cryptographic protocols were initially developed to protect RFID tags and are now being applied to NFC, Bluetooth and other small computing platforms.

They delve into funding, the SBIR program and the Connecticut business climate. On the lighter side they also discuss hockey and growing up in Canada.

We hope you will listen.