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Smart Grid Security Warnings

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entry titled Lack Of Security In Smart-Meter Rollouts.  This topic continues to get an increasing amount of press, including these two articles:

Smart Power Grids a Prime Target in Cyber Warfare in Security Week.

Energy Insecurities: The Downside of Being Too Smart in Security Management.

The Security Week article focuses on recent warnings about the lack of security in the Smart grid, including the Pike Research report.

In the recently-released Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It, by Richard Clark and Robert Knake, the power grids are identified as one of the three most important and vulnerable U.S. targets, the other two being the defense department’s IT infrastructure and private telecommunications backbone networks.

The Security Management article points out how we have been warned about these threats multiple times by the last three presidents.

In 1998, President Clinton signed a Presidential Directive that established a national program for critical infrastructure protection. This directive stated that the energy sector of the United States was potentially vulnerable to cyberattack and that the United States would take all necessary measures to swiftly eliminate any significant cyber vulnerabilities within this sector.

The author then does an nice job of reviewing the threats against Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology or smart meters, intelligent appliances, consumer-level energy management services and green power generation systems.

As the cryptographic security solutions for low resource devices like RFID can also be used for AMI and other smart grid systems we will continue to follow the development of these systems.