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The Anti-counterfeiting Update Blog

We have launched a new blog: the Anti-counterfeiting Update.

This blog will discuss views and news about authentication solutions, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Topics will include issues and current anti-counterfeiting/authentication approaches.

The RFID Security Blog will continue to focus on the more technical side of cryptography and security issues along with applications such as tracking, secure driver’s licenses, building access, food safety, defense, etc.

Commercial and government markets are facing counterfeiting issues, estimated to currently be a $646 Billion problem annually, especially in the pharmaceutical, electronics, liquor, and high fashion goods markets. The U.S. pharmaceutical market is approaching 4 billion prescriptions annually and the number of counterfeit drug investigations opened by the FDA has grown from six in 2000 to 72 in 2010. Similar counterfeit stories can be found in the liquor, electronics, and the high fashion markets. The estimated annual counterfeiting activity for electronics is $100 Billion, pharmaceuticals $200 Billion, liquor $5.3 Billion, and high fashion products $24.7 Billion.

Counterfeit electronic parts have become a major integrity issue in the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as, in the commercial and industrial marketplace. A February 2012 report by the General Accounting Office (GAO) reported that 16 military-grade parts ordered in a blind test could not be confirmed as legitimate after extensive testing. In related news, Customs Border Patrol has seized over 1.6 million counterfeit semiconductor chips in the last 24 months.