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SecureRF Announces Veridify, a Cloud based Platform and Application Suite Delivering Public Key Infrastructure to Tags and Devices in the IoT

SecureRF announces the availability of Veridify, a cloud based platform delivering Public Key Infrastructure for devices, sensors and tags in the IoT. Veridify includes PC, reader, and smartphone Apps featuring strong identification, authentication, and data protection that enable the rapid deployment of innovative solutions for low resources things including tags, smartcards, wireless sensors, and embedded devices. The platform delivers secure solutions that support supply chain, credentialing, brand protection, and sensor data collection.

· Provides Cloud, PC, Reader, and Smartphone Apps fo rapid solution deployment 
· Supports credentials, supply chain, brand protection, and device management 
· Public Key Infrastructure supports multiple device types including passive tags, sensors and 
· Item level identification, authentication and data protection for products and brands 
· Real time visibility and chain of custody functions for high value products and supply chains 
· Secure sensors and tags available for immediate use or build your own 
· Additional features include location, sensor data collection, and messaging 
· Demonstration and evaluation kit/software available now

SecureRF is a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things.
Read the press release.