Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

Device-Level Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure
Protecting Mission-Critical Assets and Services

Critical infrastructure includes highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, utility systems (electricity, water, natural gas), telecommunications, food supply, healthcare infrastructure and buildings necessary to maintain our increasingly complex daily life. All of these systems have electronic control systems that provide for safe and efficient operation, and failure in any of these systems could have significant economic, health, and safety implications. As a result, there is a need to protect this infrastructure from cyber threats that could disrupt services, create safety issues, or damage infrastructure.

Some examples include:

  • Airports
  • Traffic management systems and control signals
  • Railway track switching systems, Positive Train Control, and Wayside Interface Units
  • Utility SCADA systems for water, energy generation and distribution
  • Pipeline SCADA systems for natural gas distribution
  • Port cargo crane control systems
  • Farming and food processing

Veridiy’s DOME cybersecurity platform protects automation controls and operational technology (OT) from cyber attacks.

Key aspects of the DOME platform include:

Zero Trust, Device-Level Protection

DOME can secure thousands of connected devices, including control systems, PLCs, RTUs, sensors, actuators, and HMIs often found in industrial environments. It cost-effectively ensures every device in a control system can be installed and managed with the security necessary to create a safe and trusted environment. DOME uses a NIST-compliant Zero Trust framework that requires all devices to be mutually authenticated.

Real-Time Performance

More than just monitoring, DOME stops cyber attacks in real time before they happen.

Data Security / Encryption

Communications and data are encrypted, reducing the ability for bad actors to learn about your network and operations.

Zero-Touch On-Boarding

No cybersecurity or IT skills are needed. Enables error-free deployment by regular maintenance and technician staff, minimizes resource requirements of high-cost cybersecurity experts.


DOME is a protocol-agnostic solution that supports IP-based industrial and SCADA protocols (e.g. EtherNet/IP, OPC UA, Hart IP, Modbus, DNP3, SNMP, BACnet, etc.) and complements existing solutions working seamlessly across multiple vendors and devices.


DOME is crypto agile, supporting legacy and quantum-resistant cybersecurity, safeguarding an investment with long lifecycle protection.

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