DOME: Cybersecurity for OT & IoT Devices

DOME provides device-level cybersecurity for OT networks, and is suitable for any type of IP-based, IoT device that lacks built-in security. It also provides device-level protection to stop cyber attack in real-time and is not a “monitoring” or “asset visibility” solution.

Key Highlights:

  • Protects both new and legacy OT / IoT devices
  • Stops attacks in real time
  • NIST-compliant Zero Trust framework
  • Can be used without a cloud connection
  • Supports any IP protocol including BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and more.
  • Easy to deploy – no cybersecurity / IT skills are needed

Want to Learn More?

Smart Building

DOME for Building Automation

Device-Level Cybersecurity Protection for New and Legacy Building Automation Controls

Protect your building automation controls and stop cyberattacks from shutting down your building.


DOME for Industrial Automation

Endpoint Protection for Industrial Controls and ICS / SCADA

Protect your OT endpoints from being used to disrupt your manufacturing or process operations.

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure- image of power lines

DOME for Critical Infrastructure

Protection for Automation Controls and Monitoring Devices for Critical Infrastructure

Protect your controls to stop cyberattacks from shutting down your system operations.

Video Surveillance - image of cameras

DOME for Video Surveillance

Camera-level Protection for IP-based Video Surveillance Systems

Protect your IP camera and video surveillance system from being spied on or disrupted.

Smart meter cyber security

DOME for IoT Device Management

Ensure IoT device ownership and a secure supply chain

Lifecycle protection for IoT devices from manufacturing, deployment, and replacement.