Cybersecurity for Building Controls OEMs

Integrated Cybersecurity for Building Control Systems

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Solve Your Customers Building Automation and OT Cybersecurity Challenges with a Scalable, Easy to Integrate Platform

Veridify’s DOME™ SaaS solution provides a scalable cybersecurity software platform that easily integrates into OEM products, delivering a cost-effective way to immediately protect and manage every connected device in a new or existing smart building.

Benefits of DOME for Building Controls Manufacturers:


Easy integration

Easy to integrate software libraries that provide real-time cybersecurity protection


Secure Blockchain

Blockchain credentials for every device making firmware updates and your supply chain secure


Reduced Attacks

DOME does not require a persistent cloud connection, avoiding another point of attack


Low Cost Licensing

Low-cost licensing with associated new revenue opportunities


Easy Installation

Zero-touch provisioning delivers time and cost savings and helps avoid expensive installation mistakes


Building System Integration

Supports BACnet/IP, MSTP, and provisioning for BACnet/SC



Provides cybersecurity differentiation on your products for new and existing building installations

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Differentiate Your Offering with Real-Time Security

DOME, developed with the support of our partners Intel and AWS, is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system that secures an OEM’s device from its birth to end of life. DOME creates a root of trust, managed in a blockchain, that allows a device to authenticate its ownership in any environment to provide a cost-effective security and management framework.

Our solution is platform agnostic and can run over your customers’ existing BACnet installation, making it easy and cost-effective to authenticate every device, user, and command while encrypting and protecting the building’s data from the outside world. Plus, DOME’s ‘zero-touch’ provisioning saves your system integrators time and money. It helps them avoid expensive manual mistakes by automating the challenging task of correctly installing new devices in a building requiring digital certificates and key provisioning.


Our Solution is in Software for Easy Implementation

The DOME solution consists of software libraries and services that are easy to integrate into your product offerings and require very little memory. Plus, Veridify provides the engineering and security expertise to support your engineers and product managers. DOME is a cost effective platform that does not replace or compete with currently installed building automation systems. Instead, it complements them with the industry’s leading security technology.

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Retrofit Security to Already Installed Devices

DOME’s Sentry solution can protect your customer’s currently installed devices and legacy systems, saving time and money while delivering the most advanced security available. DOME Sentry is a security gateway can sit in front of one or more installed devices or controllers, and deliver authentication and data protection functions similar to a new DOME-enabled device. Our retrofit solution provides DOME’s real-time protection without the need for your customers to alter or replace their current building management system.