Cybersecurity Resources for OT / IoT Security

Are you interested in using our solutions and tools to secure low-resource processors and embedded devices? From this page, you can access FAQ's, essential technical documentation, sample applications, and files that will help you implement our authentication, identification and data protection solutions.

OT / IoT Cybersecurity Blog

The Veridify IoT Security Blog provides a regular in-depth source of information and news regarding IoT security.
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Want to learn more about Veridify’s solutions and products? Read through our technical papers and white papers.
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Veridify’s mathematician-cryptographers, developers, and engineers are thought leaders in their fields. We maintain a library of presentations and webinars on a wide variety of topics, including Veridify technologies, zero trust, cryptography, mathematics, embedded systems, and OT / IoT security. Learn More

Cybersecurity FAQs

Want to learn more about security, Veridify's methods and how they are used. This list of  Frequently Asked Questions may have the answers. Learn More


Watch a range of Veridify videos to help you better understand OT / IoT Cyber Security. Helping you future-proof your smart buildings, building automation, OT Networks, ICS, and Industrial IoT. Learn More