Cybersecurity Whitepapers

Future-Proof Security for Building Automation Systems

This paper, written by Intel and Veridify Security, explores device-level cybersecurity for protecting building automation and Operational Technology (OT) networks.

An Introduction to Cryptographic
Security MethodsFuture-Proof Security for Building Automation Systems

Moving from 20th Century Legacy Methods to the Next Generation
of Quantum Resistant Public Key Cryptography via Group
Theoretic Cryptography.

A Future-Proof Authentication and Security Solution for Existing Industrial IoT Systems

Industries have been deploying actuators and sensors to manage their day-to-day operations for decades. Along the way, someone had the idea to connect these actuators and sensors to small microcontrollers, and eventually, they thought it would be an even better idea to link these devices to a network, leading to the invention of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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