Cybersecurity for Building Automation Systems

Device-Level Cybersecurity for New and Existing Building Networks

Buildings are getting smarter by connecting their Operational Technology (OT) networks and Building Management Systems (BMS) to IT networks and the IoT. However, the lack of cybersecurity for smart buildings and OT networks and the devices they control enables cyber attacks that can endanger the safety of a building's occupants and impact its ability to operate.

DOME™ for Building Automation is a low-cost SaaS cybersecurity solution protecting the devices (and data) running at the edge of new and existing building automation networks. DOME supports industry-specific protocols like BACnet and does not replace a building's current BMS platform. Instead, it complements existing solutions working seamlessly across multiple vendors and devices.

DOME can provide cybersecurity for many types of building control systems including:






Access Control




Life Safety

If any of these systems are shut down due to a cyber attack the impact can be significant, including occupant discomfort and safety, building reputation, and operational interruptions resulting in financial loss. DOME provides the following cyber protection benefits for your building:

Device-Level Protection

DOME creates a Zero Trust environment that requires all devices to be mutually authenticated.

Stop Cyber Attacks Before They Happen

DOME provides real-time protection against cyber attacks and stops cyber attacks before they happen.

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Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Communications and Data Security

Communications and Data are encrypted, reducing the ability for bad actors to learn about your network and operations.

Easy Installation

Enables error-free deployment by regular maintenance and technician staff, minimizes resource requirements of high-cost cybersecurity experts.

New and Existing Building Controls

DOME can support many popular building and automation protocols, providing cybersecurity in building automation systems for new and existing OT systems.  DOME is ideal for smart building cybersecurity, and there are numerous less sophisticated buildings using BACnet MS/TP that also need to be secured.

Future-Proof Cybersecurity

DOME is crypto agile, supporting legacy and quantum-resistant cybersecurity, safeguarding an owner/manager's investment with long lifecycle protection.

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System Diagram and Description

DOME network diagram

DOME Server

The DOME Server is a SaaS platform that provides a dashboard for device visibility, data logging, analytics, and alerts, and also provides a root-of-trust for every DOME device in a building.

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DOME Interface Appliance

The DIA is the local management and authentication device that is located on the OT network and connects to the cloud-based DOME Server for reporting and credential management. The DIA connects locally to building controls that have the DOME Client software built-in, or to DOME Sentry devices that provide cybersecurity for existing building controls.


DOME Sentry

The DOME Sentry is the building controls cybersecurity appliance that protects connected devices such as controllers, sensors, and actuators. DOME Sentry devices automatically authenticate to each other and create a secure tunnel that protects all messages, commands, and data.

An abstract 3D render of a microprocessor on a circuit board with many electrical components installed. The central microprocessor has an integrated padlock glowing in a cold blue color. The dark surface of the board is covered in hexadecimal code.

DOME Client

The DOME Client is building controls cybersecurity software that is embedded into OEM products to provide built-in security similar to DOME Sentry.