Cybersecurity Solutions for
OT Networks, ICS, Industrial Automation
Smart Buildings and Critical Infrastructure

Building Automation and OT Cybersecurity

Embedded and add-on security solutions for protecting new and existing building automation systems and other critical building Operational Technology (OT)

Industrial IoT and ICS Cybersecurity

Embedded security solutions for Industrial IoT and Operational Technology (OT) applications

Critical Infrastructure

Protect the control systems and Operational Technology (OT) for critical infrastructure.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Protect connected building controls and related equipment from cyberattacks.

IoT Secure Supply Chain

Ensure IoT devices are secure with ownership traceability from production to installation. Support product warranty verification and reduce gray-market competitors.

Smart Meter and Smart Grid  Cybersecurity

Embedded security solutions to authenticate devices and protect utility networks from cyber attacks

Automotive Cybersecurity

Secure boot, secure communications, and secure supply chain solutions to protect critical vehicle systems

Securing small IoT devices is difficult.

Constrained devices, such as 8-, 16-, and 32-bit processors - typically found in industrial IoT, OT, and smart building devices -  lack the computing and memory resources needed to implement legacy security methods. The challenge is magnified by the threat quantum computing poses to classical cryptographic protocols, such as ECC and RSA. Our quantum-resistant security solutions address all of these issues.

Whether you are looking for secure boot, over-the-air firmware updates, or device-to-device authentication for automobiles, Industrial Internet of Things, medical devices, smart building devices, or other IoT embedded systems, Veridify has the solutions.

Veridify’s ultra-low-energy, fast, and small-footprint solutions are ideally suited for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit processors.  Our public-key (asymmetric) security solutions and tools address the identification, authentication, and data protection needs of these low-resource processors.

Our DOME (Device Ownership Management and Enrollment) platform is a zero-touch onboarding and ownership management solution for globally distributed, low-resource devices at the edge of the IoT. DOME delivers secure in-field ownership management, including secure ownership transfer between entities, mutual authentication, and firmware/data updates.

Our differentiated technology addresses the security needs of a wide range of applications and markets including automotive, industrial IoT, smart grid, medical, small appliances and more. Whether you are looking for secure boot, over-the-air firmware updates, or device-to-device authentication, we’ve outlined sample use cases to illustrate the power of our security tools for your IoT application.