Cyber Protection for Automation Devices

Cybersecurity for Building Automation, Smart Buildings, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity Locks in Hexagons

Stop Cyber Attacks Before They Happen - Zero Trust OT Security Made Easy

Real-time endpoint protection to reduce operational risks and stop cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity for Building Automation Controls and Smart Buildings

Endpoint Protection for Industrial Automation, ICS, OT, SCADA Devices

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Controls and Endpoints

Protecting Patients, Equipment, and Building Operations

Cybersecurity for Automation Controls

Device-level OT Security | Zero Trust Framework | Secure Communications

OT Security and Building Automation Cybersecurity Partners



Device Security Inside the Perimeter

We protect your automation control devices and machines from even the most difficult to stop inside-the-perimeter attacks without the need for complicated network segmentation or microsegmentation.


Real-Time Endpoint Protection

We proactively stop cyberattacks on your devices in real-time. Other "monitoring" solutions just tell you there might be a problem that someone then has to analyze, investigate, and remediate.

Automation Controls


Security for any Automation Device

We protect new, existing, and legacy devices. The age of the automation control device or firmware version does not matter. If it’s operational, we can protect it.



No Cyber or IT Expertise Needed

We can secure your automation control devices without the need for costly and overburdened IT or Cyber staff. You can use your existing technicians to deploy and manage real-time OT security.




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