DOMETM: Device Ownership
Management and EnrollmentTM

IoT Device Ownership Management and Security Made Simple


Everyday there are millions of devices that enter the IoT that contain a processor that must be maintained, monitored and securely managed. Not every processor can connect to a cloud or network service and many are without a user interface which makes security, ownership and maintenance complex, costly and in some cases impossible, until now.

With the DOMETM platform, every processor and device has its own embedded blockchain pedigree which allows owners to establish proof of ownership without the need for a pervasive network or cloud connection.  DOME is a zero-touch solution that enables device-level security management, firmware updates and ownership transfer that is simple, cost-effective and fast.

The DOME platform enables:

  • A comprehensive solution to manage secure devices from birth
  • One-way and mutual authentication
  • Easy management and transfer of device ownership
  • No need for pervasive network or cloud connection
  • A solution for “Last Mile” key management problem
  • In-field key and firmware updates
  • Implementation in software or hardware
  • Support for wide range of processors

DOME is uniquely suited for a broad range of secure supply chain applications where trusted ownership, identity, authentication, and data protection are a must including industrial IoT, smart grid, automotive, medical devices and more.

How it Works
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DOME Building Automation Use Case
Future-Proof Security for Building Automation Systems Solutions Brief (joint with Intel)

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