Demystifying OT and IoT Security and FPGAs

OT and IoT Security and FPGAs

Connecting IT and OT networks delivers greater visibility and makes it possible to better utilize platforms, buildings, industrial PLCs, and more. But it also increases complexity and blurs network boundaries—resulting in vulnerabilities that provide hackers with ample opportunities to strike.

In this podcast, we review how organizations deploy Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to maintain performance while shielding their increasingly connected devices and data from attacks. Specifically, we take a closeup look at how FPGAs can be easily updated to protect devices at the edge and examine how this custom hardware provides a solid platform for implementing industry standards necessary for securely authenticating, updating, and sharing data across a network.

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Podcast Guests

The guests this episode are Mark Frost, FPGA Security, Communications and Configuration Technical Marketing Manager at Intel; and Louis Parks, CEO at Veridify Security, a developer of security IP and tools.

Mark joined Intel in 2016 as a Product Marketing Manager. Previously, he was a Senior Field Application Engineer at Altera, which manufactures programmable logic devices.

Louis has been the CEO of Veridify for almost 19 years. Prior to that he was the President and CEO of Client Technologies.

Podcast Topics

Mark and Louis answer our questions about:

  • (2:09) The challenge with OT security
  • (4:59) Top trends and challenges in the security industry
  • (6:18) How today’s security solutions need to evolve
  • (10:24) What FPGAs are and why they are important
  • (14:16) The state of organizations’ security strategies
  • (19:26) FPGA support for industry recommendations
  • (22:10) OT network security tools and technologies
  • (25:18) Ongoing partnerships to address security issues

Podcast Transcript

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OT and IoT Security using FPGAs

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