Working with Fujisoft and Veridify

The companies recently collaborated to show a Secure Boot demonstration at the KUMICO RISC-V meetups in Tokyo and Osaka where they showed the performance and efficiency of Veridify's security methods for RISC-V devices.  The demonstration used two HiFive RISC-V boards programmed to complete authentication. One board ran ECDSA, the other ran Veridify's WalnutDSA™ and Ironwood KAP™.

The demo showed the boot time comparison in real time and how performance is largely dependent on signature verification performance.

Veridify is proud to be a top tier Fujisoft partner and offers:

  • Free SDK’s to validate your solutions
  • Practical solutions to secure RISC-V low-resource processors
  • Software or hardware implementations
  • Tested methods, leading experts
  • Small, very fast, ultra low-power, quantum-resistant
  • Easy, low-cost, and fast integration (hours or days)
  • Platform-agnostic and easy to implement
  • Support (design assistance, Proof-of-concept, tools)

Learn more about the performance advantages of Veridify's security solutions.