IoT Security Update: June 2020

Veridify Security News

To our valued customers and partners around the world – we hope this email finds you and your families safe and healthy during this unprecedented health crisis and the recent political unrest around the country. Here in Connecticut (U.S.), the state is gradually reopening. We are fortunate at Veridify Security to have the entire team working from the safety of their homes and have started the process of preparing our Connecticut office for a safe reopening.

Despite our virtual team, we want you to know that we are here to address your security questions and challenges. We have continued our pilot and production work for our clients, featuring our fast, small-footprint, ultra-low-energy, and quantum-resistant authentication and data protection solutions for low resource IoT devices. If you have a project you would like to discuss, or even a general question on device-level security, please reach out to us at at any time. Our security experts are ready to provide strategic counsel and innovative solutions.

In this issue, we have returned to our traditional newsletter format where we track IoT security in the news. Despite the widespread shutdowns, IoT security threats did not rest, and issues are only escalating with more and more connectivity.

Veridify Security Events

The Veridify team recently participated in the Intel Partner Connect events held for the Americas, EMEA and Asia regions. Utilizing a newly-deployed virtual format, we were excited to share the benefits of our security tools in several partner meetings and discussions around the world. We commend Intel for preparing the virtual event format and paving the way for the likely future of industry events and networking.

Security in the News

IoT security continues to be a major industry concern especially as the need for connectivity is growing rapidly because of the continued risk of COVID-19. Addressing these security threats will take continued industry collaboration and innovation to develop and quickly deploy market-ready solutions.

The worst IoT, smart home hacks of 2020 (so far)
In this article, Charlie Osborne of ZDNet outlines the noteworthy IoT cyberattack examples so far this year. The article describes the continued vulnerability of several IoT endpoints. Read more here.

How IoT Can and Can’t Help Us Go Back to Work
In this article, author Stacey Higginbotham explores the possibilities for how the IoT can help us address managing the return to work with the continued threat of COVID-19. She describes interesting ways that data and sensors can help but also warns that technology is not the only answer and that employers will also need to establish new processes and goals. Stacey warns “IoT can help, but it’s not magic.” Read more here.

Working from home: Cybersecurity tips for remote workers
In this ZDNet article, Steve Ranger outlines the security risks working remotely can create and how scams that use the coronavirus as a mechanism for phishing attacks to try to gain access to secure information are increasing. He outlines a series of recommendations provided by the European cybersecurity agency, EISNA, to help keep remote workers safe. Read more here.

The Wired Guide to the Internet of Things
Wired Magazine writer Arielle Pardes takes a detailed look at the Internet of Things including its history and future. Related to security, she quotes Laura DeNardis who in her recent book, The Internet in Everything, has called the cybersecurity threat the greatest human rights issue of our time. Read more here.


IoT Security Update: June 2020