Veridify Security Partners with Renesas, ON Semiconductor, and STMicroelectronics at the Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas, NV – January 6, 2020 – Veridify Security (formerly SecureRF), a leader in security for low-resource devices at the edge of the IoT, announced today that it will demonstrate the power and performance of their security solutions across a variety of applications and platforms at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to be held January 7-11 in Las Vegas, NV. The company will join with its partners ST Microelectronics, ON Semiconductor, and Renesas Electronics in collaborative demonstrations that show scalable, future-proof security for the IoT that are market-ready today.

“We are thrilled to join our partners in collaborative demonstrations for CES that bring practical security solutions to a variety of end markets including automotive, industrial IoT, smart building, and device management,” said Louis Parks, CEO, Veridify Security. “We recognize the important role our semiconductor partners play in delivering on our mission to develop small, fast and energy-efficient security solutions for the smallest processing platforms.”

Details of the joint CES demonstrations are as follows:

Fast, Future-Proof Electronics Control Unit (ECU) Authentication
Electronic Control Units (ECUs) control critical functions within automobiles and are targets for counterfeiters and hackers. In this Veridify Security/ST Microelectronics demonstration, an ST Chorus 6M MCU (ECU controller) provisioned with Veridify’s cryptography library, will connect to an ultra-low-power ECU running on an ARM Cortex M3 processor, and authenticate the ECU endpoint at start-up. A ‘hacked’ ECU will also be presented to the ST Chorus ECU controller to show how it can quickly identify an authentic unit from a fake. Veridify’s security tools and ST’s ECU controller are ISO 26262 ASIL D certified, the highest classification for automotive safety-critical products. This demonstration shows how security can address mission critical automotive sensors, such as an ECU, and potential real-world threats such as a hacked or counterfeit sensor.

Secure BLE Solution for ON Semiconductor RSL10 SoC
Veridify Security and ON Semiconductor will demonstrate a future-proof, secure BLE authentication and data collection solution for the RSL10, an ultra-low-power, multi-protocol and Bluetooth 5 certified SoC. The demonstration will show an RSL10 sensor board programmed with Veridify’s methods can be used to mutually authenticate with a smartphone app over BLE. Viewers will see the RSL10 only recognizes commands from an authorized user. Similarly, the smartphone will be configured to authenticate the sensor tag and determine if both end points, the phone and the sensor, are authentic. Once connected to a valid RSL10 sensor, the device will encrypt real-time temperature data and transfer it securely to the smartphone. Additionally, the smartphone app will pass the data, along with time and location information, to a cloud platform.

Fast, Scalable Security for Renesas RA Platform
Veridify and Renesas Electronics will demonstrate two “Ready to Use” security solutions, on a Renesas RA MCU, that can be implemented today. The companies will show the power and scalability of the ownership transfer capability of the zero-touch onboarding DOME™ Device Ownership Management and Enrollment platform on the Renesas RA6 device. They will also show the speed and performance of Veridify’s future-proof GTC Security on the Renesas RA2 device.

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About Veridify Security
Veridify Security, formerly SecureRF, delivers fast, small footprint, ultra-low-energy, and quantum-resistant public-key security tools for low-resource processors powering the Internet of Things (IoT). Veridify’s new DOME™ Device Ownership Management and Enrollment™ solution provides a zero-touch onboarding and ownership management platform for the smallest IoT devices in the field without requiring a pervasive cloud or network connection. The company’s Key Agreement Protocols and Digital Signature Algorithms are used for secure device-to-device communications, as well as secure boot and secure software updates for automotive, consumer, healthcare, industrial, and smart homes applications. Veridify is partners with leading semiconductor manufacturers and IP providers, including Arm, Intel, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, SiFive, and Synopsys, and offers Software Development Kits, RTL, and tools for a wide range of environments.