AHR Expo 2023 Event Preview

Veridify Security will be exhibiting at the AHR Expo 2023 in booth C5455. Our demo shown below is ready to be boxed up and shipped to Atlanta!

DOME Demo AHR Expo

Verdify will be exhibiting a live demo of DOME™, a building automation cybersecurity platform that protects both new and existing building automation devices.  The newly revised demo platform will showcase:

  • DOME Sentry devices protecting an unprotected building thermostat and controller
  • DOME Client software embedded into an OEM thermostat controller making it inherently cyber safe
  • DOME Interface Appliance that provides device management and data logging
  • DOME Dashboard that provides monitoring and alerting

The demo also includes the capability to create an attempted cyber attack with monitoring to show how the attack is STOPPED in REAL-TIME.

Veridify’s solution is based on a Zero Trust model in which DOME requires mutual authentication between devices and also tracks and secures communication between devices. Below is a short video about DOME and some images that highlight key features of the DOME solution and components.

DOME supports any IP-based building automation protocol including BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP, and KNXnet/IP, as well as any network architecture. Serial-based devices (e.g. BACnet MS/TP) can also be protected when positioned behind a BACnet router or BACnet gateway that is protected by DOME.

DOME Video

DOME Overview
DOME 2400x180

DOME Dashboard
DOME Dashboard

DOME Sentry
DOME Sentry

DOME Interface Appliance (DIA)
DOME Interface Appliance (DIA)

Please visit us at the event, or contact us to learn more.

Veridify Security AHR Expo 2023 Exhibitor Profile