OT Security: Cybersecurity for HART / HART-IP

HART Protocol Overview

The Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) protocol has been a stalwart communication standard in industrial automation, enabling the seamless exchange of data between field devices and control systems. HART is also known for its legacy without built-in security features, presenting vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malicious actors, potentially leading to unauthorized access, data tampering, or disruption of critical industrial processes. As the criticality of protecting industrial infrastructure and ensuring the integrity of data communication intensifies, securing the HART protocol becomes a pivotal component in fortifying industrial control systems against cybersecurity threats.

The HART-IP protocol, introduced as an extension of the HART protocol, was developed to facilitate the integration of HART devices into modern network architectures. It allows for the seamless transmission of data over IP networks, supporting real-time monitoring and control.

However, as industrial networks become increasingly interconnected and the threat landscape continues to evolve, the importance of robust security measures for HART communications cannot be overstated.

Cyberattack on Industrial and Manufacturing Facility

Increase OT Security for HART and HART-IP Systems with DOME

Veridify’s DOME platform can provide much needed security for HART field devices and for HART-IP and for HART-to-Modbus gateways. Based on a NIST-compliant Zero Trust framework, DOME provides the following capabilities:

  • Device-to-Device Mutual Authentication
  • Secure Communication
  • Data Encryption
Cybersecurity for HART devices

Key Benefits of DOME for improving HART OT Security

  • Stops cyberattacks in real-time by blocking all traffic from un-authenticated devices
  • No IT/cyber skills are needed - installs in minutes using existing technicians
  • Automatically manages security certificates and renewal – typically a difficult process

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