Retrofit IoT Devices with a Strong Security Solution

Bump in the Wire

There are millions of connected devices and industrial endpoints on the Internet of Things (IoT) that were designed before the need for security was realized.  This solution combines Veridify’s quantum-resistant security methods with Intel’s Max 10 FPGA to create a security gatewayfield security upgrade to installed IIoT devices that can be implemented on already- deployed devices.

  • Security solutions for FPGAs and connected IoT devices
  • Provides identification, authentication, and data protection
  • Device-to-device security for systems that include resource-constrained industrial IoT endpoints (that otherwise would lack security)
  • Computationally efficient and extremely fast–up to 90x faster than current methods
  • Quantum-resistant for devices with long service lives


为现场可编程逻辑门阵列 (FPGA) 和已接入的物联网 (IoT) 设备提供的安全解决方案
计算效率高,极大地提高了速度,与现行方法相比快了 90 倍


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