Cybersecurity for Commercial Real Estate

Cyber Risks to Commercial Buildings

Building systems, often referred to as Operational Technology (OT), are critical for the proper functioning of modern buildings. Since these systems are now more connected to the Internet, they are more at risk of being impacted by a cyberattack. These attacks can impact systems such as HVAC, lighting, access control, elevators, and life safety systems.

An attack on any one of these OT system could lead to impacting IT systems, create occupant safety hazards, or cause the building to evacuated and not fit for occupancy for days, weeks, or months.

Cyber threats for building automation systems and smart buildings

DOME™ Solution for Commercial Real Estate

Veridify’s DOME platform can secure thousands of building automation devices from thermostats and lighting systems to air handlers and access controls often found in commercial buildings or a multi-building campus. Most importantly, DOME pro-actively stops cyberattacks before they happen.

DOME provides the following benefits for commercial real estate:

Protects tenants, revenue, and asset values

Increases building value

Enhances lease offerings

Supports legal compliance

May reduce insurance costs

Easy retrofit, no IT/Cyber expertise needed

Issues with Existing IT-based Solutions

Perimeter Control (Firewalls)

  • IT/Cyber expertise required
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Regularly breached

Network Monitoring

  • Have to learn typical network behavior and patterns
  • Monitor for “anomalies”
  • Alerts only after suspicious activity has occurred
  • Re-active solution - does not stop cyberattacks

Unprotected OT networks can give hackers access to valuable data on connected IT networks or even be used to hold a building owner ‘hostage’ in return for a ransom. Cybersecurity monitoring solutions are important in protecting commercial real estate, but it is not enough.

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