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Cybersecurity to the Edge for Smart Building Infrastructure

Cybersecurity to the Edge

A fundamental challenge to securing smart buildings, or any building large enough to have a building automation system, is how to protect devices so that they reject cyber attacks in real-time. Rejecting a cyber attack in real-time is different than reporting on a traffic anomaly in that it stops an attack from happening.

Monitoring and alerting from anomaly is useful, but is only capable of informing about a potential false alarm or after an intrusion has occurred. Device-level protection, using a NIST Zero Trust framework, uses mutual authentication, a secure tunnel and encrypted communications to secure the device.

Things you will learn:

  • Four categories of smart buildings
  • Smart building value propositions
  • Reality of cybersecurity for smart buildings
  • Threats against an IT/OT network

Length: 58 minutes

Tim Vogel

Director of IoT
KMC Controls

Louis Parks
Veridify Security

Roland DuCote
Sales Director, OT and Emerging Accounts
Arrow Intelligent Solutions

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