Evaluate Us Your Way: Free SecureRF Security SDKs Available on the Platform of Your Choice

We provide software development kits (SDKs) for a multitude of processors, microcontrollers (MCUs) and development boards so you can evaluate SecureRF’s cryptographic methods on the platform of your choice. Our SDKs contain our libraries compiled for your target processor, along with example source code in C, sample keys, certificates, and digital signatures. SDKs created for specific development boards may also include IDE project files.

You can use these SDKs to evaluate our methods on a wide range of criteria, including run-time performance, energy consumption and RAM/ROM utilization.

Which SDK should you use? It depends on your target platform. The quickest way to evaluate our methods is to use them on a turnkey development board. We support several widely-used boards, such as the STM32 Nucleo and LPCXpresso. If you’re using one of these boards, you can load our software and start evaluating our algorithms within about five minutes.

If an SDK is not available for your development board, we can still support you; you can select a library that addresses the same type of MCU found your development board. We create SDKs for most of the popular cores, such as ARM Cortex M0, ARM Cortex M3 and RISC-V, and are confident that you will find a kit that targets your processor.

The following diagram illustrates our SDK application hierarchy and lists some of the processor cores, MCUs and development boards we target. We are constantly porting our security methods to new environments. If an SDK is not available for your platform, call us with your requirements.

SecureRF's SDK application hierarchy

SecureRF’s SDK application hierarchy

We support most of the popular development environments. Depending on your target processor, we have SDKs built for IAR Embedded Workbench, Keil, DS-5 Development Studio, Code Composer Studio, TrueSTUDIO, GCC, and more.

SecureRF also provides SDKs for Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. These kits are helpful when developing code for an endpoint other than an embedded MCU. For an electronic lock application, for example, an MCU SDK would be used for the lock and an iOS or Android SDK (or both) may be used for the device intended to open the lock.

To obtain a free SDK, click the button below to contact us and we will work to ensure that you receive the right SDK for your application. No matter which processor, microcontroller (MCU) or development board you are working with, we are confident that we can provide you with the appropriate tools to evaluate our security methods and support the secure development of your products to address today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

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