Connect the Dots: Constrained IoT Devices Get Quantum-Resistant Security

May 9, 2017

Quantum computers will soon be able to crack today’s public-key cryptography algorithms. For IoT solutions providers, now’s a good time to look into quantum-resistant security, such as that being provided by SecureRF, for constrained IoT devices.

The irony of constrained IoT devices, such as vibration and air-pollution sensors, is that they’re likely to be the most prolifically deployed and in the most vulnerable situations. They are also not likely to be replaced quickly and require a long battery life.

Plus, many security solutions require a network connection and ongoing administration of a universal key or password database. These databases are subject to their own security risks, and they can be extremely impractical to manage, particularly for high-volume industrial and consumer devices that may be distributed worldwide.

That combination of requirements makes security in the form of post-quantum, tamper-resistant protection all the more interesting over the long term.

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