Free On-Demand Webinar: Securing ultra-low-power MCUs at the edge of the IoT

In a just-released, on-demand webinar, Renesas discusses how its partnership with SecureRF delivers a practical and secure identification / authentication solution to help designers meet the easy-to-deploy, low-power requirements of IoT edge nodes.

From the program’s description:

IoT security issue are well known, but not easily addressed. Most security tools use methods developed for our 64-bit laptops, tablets, or smartphones that are not well-suited for the low resource 8-,16- or 32- bit devices that are the foundation of the IoT today. These security methods are also typically computationally intensive—putting both a time-to-compute and energy burden on battery-powered devices.

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Access the webinar: Renesas RL78 MCU and SecureRF: Securing Ultra Low-Power MCUs at the Edge of the IoT.