Celebrating IoTDay: How RISC-V Enables IoT Innovation

For the past two decades the Internet of Things (IoT), a term coined by MIT Auto-ID Lab Co-founder Kevin Ashton, has become one of the industry’s hottest buzzwords. With an ecosystem of consumer, commercial, industrial and infrastructure IoT applications, it seems that nearly everything around us is connected. The flexibility, extensibility and scalability of the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) has ushered in new possibilities for the IoT, making it easier to design IoT hardware and software solutions to take advantage of this growing market.

In observance of IoTDay on April 9, RISC-V Foundation members Alibaba Group, Andes Technology, Codasip, Dover Microsystems, Embecosm, GOWIN Semiconductor, GreenWaves Technologies, Imperas and SecureRF reflected on how the free and open RISC-V ISA enables them to innovate.

  • “RISC-V is delivering innovative and open processor architectures to many markets, and SecureRF has partnered with the organization to provide future-proof identification, authentication, and data protection solutions. The company’s award-winning cryptography tools offer secure boot, secure software updates, and device-to-device security for the smallest RISC-V processors now used at the edge of the IoT.” – SecureRF Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Louis Parks

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