Linley Microprocessor Report: SecureRF Locks Up the Keys

In a Linley Group Microprocessor Report article titled “SecureRF Locks Up the Keys,” Mike Demler highlights SecureRF’s unique quantum-resistant security solutions and explains why they are well suited for securing low-resource processors. “To further promote its technology, SecureRF has wisely established alliances with some of the industry’s leading processor and IP vendors,” Demler wrote. “The mathematics behind the SecureRF cryptography may be heavy, but the implementation is light. The company’s cryptographic technology fills a gap in platforms such as Arm’s PSA.”

Read this edition of The Linley Group’s Microprocessor Report, SecureRF Locks Up the Keys, for a deep dive on SecureRF’s authentication and identification methods for low-resource processors or learn more about the Linley Group’s Microprocessor Report.