IoT Security Update: April 2021

We are excited to share that we have completed our site reviews for a proof-of-concept implementation of our DOME platform in a prime Midtown Manhattan commercial building. We’ve been closely collaborating with the building owner, the systems integrator, and our strategic technology partners, and are extremely excited about the value DOME delivers. We plan to share further details and full results soon.

Veridify Security News and Updates

Veridify Security CTO Derek Atkins weighed in on the U.S. Federal IoT Cybersecurity Law, and how Veridify’s DOME™ platform provides a scalable device security solution to support compliance. Read the full post here.

We recently announced that we’ve partnered with Codasip, a supplier of customizable RISC-V processor IP, to provide our secure boot functionality for their low power embedded RISC-V processors. Learn more about the partnership here.

Last month, Louis Parks, Veridify CEO, joined with Michael Sarpa, MCU Business Development Manager at Renesas, to present the Electronic Design webinar “From Sunrise to Sunset: Complete IoT Device Security.” The webinar covers Renesas RA MCU security features and the key considerations when making IoT security design decisions. The replay is available here.

Veridify recently joined the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), an international, not-for-profit organization with more than 400 member companies that are involved in the design, manufacture, installation, and retailing of connected homes and intelligent building products. Learn more about CABA here.

Veridify looks forward to joining the remaining Spring 2021 virtual Intel Partner connect events. These events – Asia on 4/21 and Americas on 4/22 – bring together Intel Partner Alliance members from across the globe to connect, learn, and activate joint strategies. Learn more about Intel Partner Connect here.

IoT Security in the News

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow, especially in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The following news stories detail the ever-growing risk of cybersecurity threats and why quickly implementing technologies and strategies to solve these security challenges is more important than ever.

WIRED Magazine, April 13, 2021: 100M More IoT Devices Are Exposed – and They Won’t Be the Last

CIOReview, April 12, 2021: New IoT Security Trends That Businesses Need to Follow

ZDNet, March 23, 2021: Ransomware gangs have found another set of new targets: Schools and universities

Governing Magazine, March 22: 2021: How Will Cybersecurity Change in Response to Mass Attacks?

IoT Business News, March 21, 2021: How Covid-19 accelerated the dominance of the Internet of Things

IEEE Spectrum, March 18, 2021: The U.S. Government Finally Gets Serious About IoT Security

Bloomberg, March 18, 2021: NSA, Homeland Security Push Service to Mitigate Cyber-Attacks


IoT Security Update: April 2021