SecureRF Corporation Demonstrates Its Security Solutions for Low-Resource IoT Devices at Sensors Expo 2017

SecureRF Corporation will showcase its quantum-resistant asymmetric cryptography for low-resource Internet of Things (IoT) devices at Sensors Expo 2017 (June 28–29). In booth 821, SecureRF will demonstrate that its WalnutDSATM and IronwoodTM key agreement protocol offer more efficient performance than Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) on a small 8-bit processor, which is the class of processor that you’d likely find on a sensor or actuator device.

Most IoT devices, like the 8-bit processor in SecureRF’s demonstration, require authentication and data protection but don’t have the computing and memory resources to incorporate contemporary security solutions with acceptable runtimes and resource allocation. SecureRF addresses these issues by providing authentication and data protection for IoT devices with security solutions that are up to 60× more efficient than ECC and consume over 140× less energy.

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