Security Threats to Devices Across the Internet of Things and What Device Manufacturers Can Do to Thwart Them

Media Advisory: SecureRF CEO at CES 2019.

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What: CES 2019 will wow attendees with dazzling innovation including a myriad of devices connected to the internet. While these connected devices offer incredible functionality and convenience, many of them are vulnerable to attack because they run on small 8-, 16- and 32- bit processors that lack the space and/or processing power to run effective security methods to protect against today’s hackers. SecureRF’s authentication and identification methods uniquely address the security threats associated with the IoT and the smallest processors now deployed.

Additionally, recent strides in the development of quantum computers will be highlighted at CES, just as they were in 2018.  Quantum computing promises to represent an enormous technical leap enabling a host of applications that today’s classical computers were not designed to address.  Along with their promise, quantum computers represent an enormous security threat to conventional computing devices as they will make currently used security methods obsolete. SecureRF’s methods are quantum-resistant to all known attacks.

When: January 8 – January 11, 2019

Where: CES 2019, Las Vegas

Who: Louis Parks, Chief Executive Officer of SecureRF Corporation is available for interviews at CES or by phone.

Why: SecureRF has developed security solutions that uniquely address the requirements of resource-constrained devices that dominate the IoT.  SecureRF solutions are based on Group Theoretic Cryptography which enables methods small and efficient enough to be used on the smallest IoT devices now entering the marketplace. SecureRF’s methods are also quantum-resistant to all known attacks. Dr. Iris Anshel, the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Scientist and Dr. Dorian Goldfeld, the company’s Co-Founder and Advisor, are world-renowned mathematicians and cryptographers who pioneered the application of group theory for cryptography.

SecureRF was recognized by Linely with its Analysts’ Choice award for Best Technology in 2017, by Arm for “Best Contribution to IoT Security” award for 2017 and as a 2018 Arm TechCon Innovation Award finalist for “Design Team of the Year.”