Veridify Security’s DOME™ Client Library Achieves PSA Certified Level 1 Accreditation

Shelton, CT – May 6, 2020 – Veridify Security Inc., a leader in securing low-resource devices at the edge of the IoT, announced today that its DOME Client, running on the STMicroelectronics’ PSA Certified STM32L5 MCU and leveraging the PSA Functional Cryptography API, has achieved PSA Certified Level 1 security certification. DOME Client, part of Veridify’s DOME solution, is a software library that provides ownership management and a range of secure connectivity tools for ultra-low-resource devices at the edge of the IoT.

PSA Certified is an industry-led initiative whose mission is to improve the security of the IoT and build trust in the systems now being deployed. The organization was founded in February 2019 by Arm, Brightsight, CAICT, Prove&Run, Riscure, TrustCB and UL. The accreditation process involves independent testing and certification of IoT products against a multi-level evaluation scheme addressing threat modeling, security goals, and standards.

“PSA Certified was founded to demystify IoT security, making time-to-security quicker and more seamless,” said Andy Rose, chief system architect and fellow at Arm. “In a world of a trillion connected devices, it is critical that every device deployed is designed securely, and Veridify Security is addressing the challenges of securing ultra-low-power IoT devices with this PSA Certified solution.”

The certified configuration includes the DOME Client running on the STM32L5 (PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Certified Level 2) built on the Arm® Mbed™ OS, creating a safe and secure IoT platform ideal for applications like wearables, smart-building industrial controllers and smart appliances. In addition, the DOME Client is compatible with other PSA Certified platforms. The company intends to seek certification on additional PSA platforms in the coming months.

Veridify’s DOME Client Library is part of the company’s DOME (Device Ownership Management and Enrollment) solution. DOME provides a zero-touch onboarding and blockchain ownership management platform for the smallest IoT devices, including Arm Cortex®-M0 processors and Arm Cortex-M3 processors, without requiring a pervasive cloud or network connection. The DOME Client, built with Veridify’s ISO 26262 ASIL D tools, can be implemented as software and requires only 12K of ROM.

“The need to trust devices entering the IoT is critical to users and business, and achieving PSA Certified accreditation is an important foundation to make any chip or software trustworthy. With our PSA Certified Level 1 milestone, DOME can better answer the safety and security requirements of our customers,” said Louis Parks, CEO, Veridify Security. “We thank everyone at PSA Certified for this recognition, and I would also like to thank our dedicated engineering team for their months of hard work in achieving this goal.”

PSA Certified and Veridify Security share a common organizational mission, and are committed to improving IoT security with comprehensive, scalable solutions. The organizations will continue to seek collaborative opportunities that help solve the growing security challenges in the IoT including additional certification opportunities.

DOME is ideally suited for the industrial IoT, automotive, smart building, and embedded medical markets and supports device authentication and secure supply chains. For detailed information about DOME’s performance in PSA Certified testing or to set up a meeting with a Veridify Security expert, please visit

About Veridify Security
Veridify Security, formerly SecureRF, delivers fast, small footprint, ultra-low-energy, and quantum-resistant public-key security tools for low-resource processors powering the Internet of Things (IoT). Veridify’s DOME™ Device Ownership Management and Enrollment™ solution provides a zero-touch onboarding and ownership management platform for the smallest IoT devices in the field without requiring a pervasive cloud or network connection. The company’s Key Agreement Protocols and Digital Signature Algorithms are used for secure device-to-device communications, as well as secure boot and secure software updates for automotive, consumer, healthcare, industrial, and smart home applications. Veridify is partners with leading semiconductor manufacturers and IP providers including Arm, Intel, Renesas, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, SiFive, and Synopsys, and offers Software Development Kits, RTL, and tools for a wide range of environments.