Veridify Announces BACnet Secure Connect (SC) for Existing Building Systems

Veridify’s DOME Sentry will now support BACnet/SC for installed devices at the edge of a building’s network.


Veridify Security, the leading provider of device-level cybersecurity solutions for building automation and industrial controls, today announced the DOME™ Sentry for BACnet/Secure Connect (SC). The Sentry appliance retrofits cybersecurity protection to any existing edge device on a building’s network, eliminating the need to buy and install new systems to make an operating facility secure. This new Sentry model joins DOME’s current BACnet/IP and MSTP solutions, providing the most complete cybersecurity platform for connected buildings.


BACnet Secure Connect (SC)

Today’s cybersecurity solutions are network-centric, providing monitoring and alerts requiring IT and Cyber support, but DOME automatically creates a secure enclave for a building’s devices at the edge and stops attacks before they can happen. The DOME Sentry provides identification, authentication, and data security, enabling existing BACnet devices to participate fully in a BACnet/SC network. Veridify’s retrofit solution, eliminating the need to purchase new systems, gives building owners and managers a low-cost but strong cybersecurity solution that can be installed by their local System Integrator – immediately protecting their assets and occupants. DOME is an open platform supporting all current network requirements, and its ability to deliver future software updates in the field protects an owner’s long-term investment.


DOME Sentry 401


The DOME Sentry features Zero-touch onboarding, automating many key installation functions, and does not require any changes to an existing building’s network. Simply adding it in front of any BACnet/IP device, including BACnet routers, allows those devices and any subtended BACnet MS/TP devices to be protected using BACnet/SC. The Sentry brings several security features to the edge of a building and the devices or routers it protects – going beyond router-to-router methods.


BACnet Certificate Authority

In support of the Sentry for BACnet/SC, Veridify will also offer an independent Certificate Authority to provide digital certificates, a key requirement for a truly secure system, and automate the important task of updating certificates in the field as they expire. DOME is an open platform, and its Certificate Authority will support industry interoperability with the goal of generating certificates for OEM’s embedding a DOME Client SDK, DOME Sentries, and other vendor BACnet/SC devices.


“We are excited to add a BACnet/SC option to DOME, making it the most complete and open solution for protecting a building’s operations,” said Louis Parks, CEO of Veridify Security. “DOME’s ability to manage multiple protocols in a building gives owners and managers the most secure environment possible and the flexibility to transition existing BACnet devices alongside new BACnet/SC installations to meet their requirements and budgets.


Easy Deployment

DOME delivers “Cybersecurity in a Box,” automating the critical processes to identify and authenticate all devices, establish secure connections, and encrypt all data commands and traffic. DOME eliminates the need for costly and over-burdened IT/cyber resources and simplifies deployment using existing control system technicians. Unlike other network-based solutions that provide visibility, monitoring, and alerting for possible issues that can go undetected for many weeks or months, DOME provides endpoint protection that stops cyberattacks in real time.


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About Veridify Security

Veridify Security provides device-level cybersecurity solutions for building automation and industrial IoT systems. More than just monitoring, Veridify’s DOME SaaS platform provides tools for OEMs and System Integrators that deliver real-time protection to stop cyberattacks before they happen. Veridify’s expertise includes cryptography innovation for securing low-resource embedded computing and wireless devices, including options for quantum-resistant protocols that provide future-proof cyber protection. Veridify partners with leading semiconductor, OEM, and technology distribution companies to deliver device-level cybersecurity with a global reach.