Veridify Announces Mobile App to Deliver Cybersecurity for Building Automation Systems

DOME Mobile App™ enables fast installation and secure credentialing of building devices with no cyber or IT experience

Shelton, CT (January 9, 2024) — Veridify Security, the leading provider of device-level cybersecurity solutions for building automation and industrial controls, today announced the availability of the DOME Mobile App. This App simplifies credentialing and creates a trusted installation of DOME-enabled devices in building management and industrial control systems.

Veridify’s DOME™ cybersecurity platform provides an end-to-end solution for protecting devices at the edge of an IoT/OT network and supports a NIST Zero Trust Framework. DOME creates a secure enclave where authenticated devices and endpoints are protected in real-time from cyberattacks. Veridify’s solution includes the DOME Sentry™, a gateway appliance that can be placed into an existing network and immediately protect all legacy devices without interrupting system operations – saving time and money. The Sentry provides identification, authentication, and data security, enabling existing automation and control devices to participate in a secure network.

DOME 401 with QR code

The DOME Mobile App provides non-IT/cyber integrators with a simple point-and-click system that authenticates and activates a device’s security credentials while creating a secure log of all activity and ownership in a cloud-based management platform. A System Integrator simply scans the barcode on a DOME device, and in under 30 seconds, the network endpoints are registered and protected.

“We recognized the need to develop in-field tools because the demand for cybersecurity is growing exponentially while the availability of skilled IT and Cyber resources struggles to keep up,” said Louis Parks, CEO of Veridify Security. “Our DOME Mobile App automates many key functions that need to be done right to create a trusted system, and there is no easier way to deploy a device for cybersecurity in building automation or industrial automation networks.”

DOME delivers “Cybersecurity in a Box,” automating the critical processes to identify and authenticate all devices, establish secure connections, and encrypt all data commands and traffic. DOME eliminates the need for costly and over-burdened IT/cyber resources, and the DOME App simplifies deployment by enabling existing control system technicians. Unlike other network-based solutions that provide visibility, monitoring, and alerting but do not stop attacks that can go undetected for weeks or months, DOME provides Zero Trust protection that stops cyberattacks in real time.

The DOME Mobile App is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and Android in the Google Play Store. Veridify will demonstrate the DOME solution at AHR Expo 2024 (booth S6174) in Chicago from January 22-24.

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Veridify Security provides device-level cybersecurity solutions for building automation and industrial IoT systems. More than just monitoring, Veridify’s DOME™ SaaS platform provides tools for OEMs and System Integrators that deliver real-time protection to stop cyberattacks before they happen. Veridify’s expertise includes cryptography innovation for securing low-resource embedded computing and wireless devices, including options for quantum-resistant protocols that provide future-proof cyber protection. Veridify partners with leading semiconductor, OEM, and technology distribution companies to deliver device-level cybersecurity with a global reach. Learn more at