Veridify to Demonstrate DOME Real-Time Cybersecurity Platform at AHR Expo

Stops cyberattacks for building controls, smart building devices, operational technology (OT), and industrial IoT


SHELTON, CT – January 31, 2023 – Veridify Security, the leader in real-time OT and IoT cybersecurity, today announced they will feature live demonstrations of their DOME™ solution for building automation devices and Industrial IoT security at AHR Expo 2023. DOME stops cyberattacks before they can happen, going beyond just monitoring or sensing cyber issues. Developed with Intel and AWS support, it is an open SaaS platform supporting industry-standard protocols.

Veridify will showcase the DOME Sentry at AHR. The Sentry is the industry’s only gateway appliance designed to protect existing building automation devices and networks in real time, creating a secure enclave within a building for less than $1,000 per unit. In addition, the Sentry is loaded with credentialing and auto-configuration cybersecurity, along with network features designed to help System Integrators reduce the need for IT or Cybersecurity resources, installation time, and support.

DOME Key benefits include:

  • Automatically stops cyber-attacks in real-time
  • Based on NIST’s Zero Trust framework, authenticating and protecting every data packet
  • Secures building automation devices to the edge of the network
  • Creates a secure enclave for data and commands within a Building’s OT network
  • Plug-and-play installation eliminates the need for IT / Cyber experience
  • Protects installed BACnet devices and other common industrial protocols
  • Easy monitoring and instant alerts from DOME Dashboard

The live demonstration features a complete building management system, including edge devices running DOME Client, an embedded security agent, and the DOME Sentry protecting an existing building device. The system will also show how it protects the building from an attacker who has gained physical access to the network, a process that defeats network segmentation methods.

DOME by Veridiy Security - Stops cyberattacks for building controls, smart building devices, operational technology (OT), and industrial IoT

“We have built advanced security features into DOME so our System Integrator and OEM partners can easily and quickly deliver protection to the edge of a building’s network with our “Cybersecurity in a box” approach,” stated Louis Parks, CEO of Veridify. “Unlike IT network-based solutions that only provide monitoring, our solution is purpose-built to protect the devices running buildings and Industrial IoT systems.”

DOME devices feature zero-touch installation, using software features to install devices in typically under 40 seconds. Depending on the network topology, DOME Sentries can protect an individual or group of devices. Any unauthenticated user or device that tries to access a DOME-protected device is automatically blocked, and the system immediately sends an alert to building management for further investigation if needed.

To schedule an appointment at AHR, email or call 888.272.1977 and see a DOME demonstration at booth C5455 at the AHR Expo in Atlanta, Feb. 6-8, 2023.

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About Veridify Security
Veridify Security provides device-level cybersecurity solutions for building automation and industrial IoT applications. More than just monitoring, Veridify’s DOME SaaS platform offers tools for OEMs and System Integrators that delivers real-time protection to stop cyberattacks before they happen. Veridify’s expertise includes cryptography innovation for securing low-resource embedded computing and wireless devices with quantum-resistant security to provide future-proof cyber protection. Veridify partners with leading semiconductor, OEM, and technology distribution companies to deliver device-level cybersecurity solutions with global reach. Learn more at