IoT Security Solutions Through
SiFive DesignShare Partnership

SecureRF is a proud member of the SiFive DesignShare program. This partnership offers RISC-V developers an easy, low-cost and quick integration road map to implement SecureRF’s fast, small-footprint, low-energy and quantum-resistant security solutions. SecureRF provides authentication, identification and data protection protocols delivering critical processor-to-processor protection and on-processor solutions like secure boot and in-field secure firmware updates. To support this partnership, SecureRF is offering free software development kits and consulting services to all SiFive customers.

SecureRF/SiFive partnership key benefits include:

  • Fast, Low-Cost Development. Low-cost IP options through DesignShare, reducing the upfront engineering costs required to delivering a custom chip design. As part of the DesignShare program, SecureRF future-proof methods are available for immediate integration into your RISC-V based project.
  • Security for the Smallest Devices. SecureRF enables fast, future-proof authentication, identification and data protection for even the most resource-constrained devices. SecureRF tools can enable a SiFive-based host processor to quickly and efficiently communicate securely with remote devices, no matter how resource constrained those processors may be.
  • Available Now. SecureRF’s methods are available on a range of SiFive platforms including the HiFive1, a low-cost, Arduino-compatible development board featuring the Freedom E310. This board is used for prototyping and developing your RISC‑V applications.

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SiFive FE310
SiFive FE310

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