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Controls Depot named distributor

June 18, 2024

DOME Cybersecurity now available to the Canadian Building Automation marketShelton, CT (June 18, 2024) -- Veridify Security, the leading provider of device-level cybersecurity solutions for building automation and industrial controls, today announced Controls Depot as its newest distributor. Controls Depot is a leading building technologies distributor and Master Systems Integrator (MSI) and expands ...

Cybercrime Losses 2019-2023

June 6, 2024

The FBI released its annual  for all complaints reported through its Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). From the report, cybercrime losses increased 21% from 2022. Cybercrime refers to criminal activities carried out using computers or the internet. These crimes can range from hacking and spreading malware to stealing personal or financial information, conducting online scams, identity theft, cyberbullying, ...

DNP3 Security Risks

May 31, 2024

DNP3 Cybersecurity RisksDNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol version 3) is a widely used communications for industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. While DNP3 provides several features designed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of communication between control devices and data acquisition systems, it also poses certain security risks, especially ...

Increasing Cyberattacks on Water

May 23, 2024

Water Utilities CyberattacksHacker groups from Russia, China, and Iran have all taken credit for recent cyberattacks on water utility companies in recent months, the EPA even warning smaller communities to take action. Water utility companies are on notice during federal inspections over the last year. Roughly 70% of them violated standards meant to prevent data breaches or cyberattacks. Some failures ...

Veridify Security Partners with

May 6, 2024

Partnership expands Sales Reach for Securing Building Automation and Smart Building MarketsShelton, CT (May 06, 2024) -- Veridify Security, the leading provider of device-level cybersecurity solutions for building automation and industrial controls, today announced Jackson Control as its newest distributor. Jackson Control is a leading building technologies distributor and systems integrator, expanding ...

Increased Number of Cyber Exposed

May 3, 2024

Exposed OT/ICS DevicesRecent data from several tracking sources indicates there has been an increase in the number of public IP addresses with accessible devices using standard OT/ICS protocols – BACnet, Modbus, Fox, Ethernet/IP, S7, and more. Data from three different sources – Censys, , and Shodan – give insight into the number of publicly exposed IP addresses that have devices using OT/ICS protocols.The ...

Building Management System Cybersecurity

April 15, 2024

A strong cybersecurity posture is essential for Building Management Systems to mitigate the risks associated with interconnected devices and systems.Building Management System OverviewA Building Management System (BMS), also known as a Building Automation System (BAS) or Building Control System (BCS), is a computer-based control system that manages and monitors the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing ...

The Role of Cybersecurity for IoT

April 11, 2024

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we live and work. With billions of connected devices, from smartphones to home appliances, building controls and industrial machinery, our world is more interconnected than ever before. However, this connectivity also brings with it significant security risks.Cybersecurity plays a crucial role in ensuring that data from IoT devices are secure ...

Ottawa Construction Symposium &

April 10, 2024

Learn about cybersecurity for at OCA 2024 with (Booth 320). Controls Depot will be available to discuss Veridify's DOME product and how it provides real-time cyber protection using a Zero Trust framework to stop cyber attacks. ...

Joint Engineer Training Conference

April 10, 2024

JETC 2024, sponsored by the Society of Military Engineers (), is the premier annual event to bring uniformed engineers, government civilians, industry leaders, young professionals, innovators, partners, subject matter experts, and more for Operation: Collaboration.Veridify Security will be exhibiting cybersecurity for and.  ...

Monetary Damage of Reported Cybercrime

March 29, 2024

Growth in CybercrimeCybercrime is not just a threat to data and privacy; it also comes with a significant monetary cost. The monetary damage of reported cybercrime in the United States grew steadily from 2001-2017, and then accelerated starting in 2018. There was a year-over-year increase of around 50 percent from 2021 to 2022. Since this is just for reported cybercrime, the damages could be significantly ...

BACnet Security Issues and How

March 13, 2024

BACnet is a commonly used protocol for building automation and operational technology (OT) systems, and is used to establish communication between various devices in a network. Because BACnet-based building systems were originally deployed in isolated (air-gapped) environments, BACnet was not designed with security. Therefore, millions of BACnet devices are lacking common security mechanisms such as ...

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