Cybercrime Losses 2019-2023

The FBI released its annual Internet Crime Report for all complaints reported through its Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). From the report, cybercrime losses increased 21% from 2022. Cybercrime refers to criminal activities carried out using computers or the internet. These crimes can range from hacking and spreading malware to stealing personal or financial information, conducting online scams, identity theft, cyberbullying, and even cyberterrorism.

Data for the past several years is included in the table and chart below.

Year Cybercrime Losses $ Increase % Increase
2020 $4.2B $0.7B 20%
2021 $6.9B $2.7B 64%
2022 $10.3B $3.4B 49%
2023 $12.5B $2.2B 21%

Cybercrime Losses 2019-2023

While the number of complaints has remained somewhat stable over the past several years, the financial magnitude has been increasing significantly for a total of 300% over the period 2019-2023.

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