Will Enterprise Prioritize IoT Security Over Innovation in 2019?

This month we highlight security issues of concern to both consumers and enterprises, and we also share video from SecureRF’s participation at recent key industry events.



Six Security Issues Set to Dominate IoT in 2019

The implementation of IoT security is expected to be a top priority for businesses this year, even at the expense of innovation and new product introductions. Experts speculate that unless IoT security is improved, the IoT will not be able to sustain growth as concerns about poor legacy security and escalating IoT financial crimes grow. Click here to read the full story from CMSWire.


Why the IIoT Is So Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

The EE Times reports seeing a growing number of attacks both on industrial control systems (ICS) and on the operational technology (OT) side of the industrial IoT (IIoT). Why are these attacks increasing in frequency? Both ICS and OT specialists at major cybersecurity solution providers weighed in on the topic. Read what they had to say in the full article.


Your Hot Tub May Not Be Safe

Thousands of hot tubs can be hacked and controlled remotely, reinforcing the view that “Consumer IoT security is not in a good place,” according to Ken Munro, founder of Pen Test Partners. Researchers found that information found on public resources could enable hackers to hijack hot tubs. Read the full BBC story.



On-Demand Webinar

Renesas RL78 and SecureRF: Securing Ultra Low-Power MCUs at the Edge of the IoT

Watch this webinar to learn how the Renesas-SecureRF partnership uniquely delivers a practical and secure identification and authentication solution that meets the easy-to-deploy, low-power requirements of IoT edge nodes. Replay the webinar.


Video Highlights From Recent Industry Events

Utimaco Applied Crypto Symposium Silicon Valley 2018, November 13, 2018

SecureRF CEO Louis Parks recently joined global thought leaders, academics and industry experts from around the globe to discuss the state of affairs in post-quantum research. Topics included how organizations around the world are planning and preparing for a post-quantum society and methodologies for making legacy systems quantum safe. See highlights from this exciting symposium here (Louis offers comments starting at 0:44):


Quantum Computing: Technology Nirvana or Security Armageddon?, November 15, 2018

SecureRF CEO Louis Parks participated in this VLAB-sponsored event alongside fellow panelists from Google, IBM Ventures and more. Topics included how organizations will be able to protect against potential misuse of quantum computing and when quantum computing will find its way into production. Watch the recorded presentation (Louis’ introduction begins at 14:20) here:


RISC-V Summit 2018, December 3-6, 2018

The SecureRF team joined over 1,100 attendees at the recent RISC-V Summit 2018. This important and growing industry event offers participants an opportunity to share information about the RISC-V architecture, software, silicon, security and more. See highlights from the Summit (including comments from SecureRF CEO Louis Parks starting at 2:03) here:


Grand Opening of Intel FPGA Innovation Center, December 19

SecureRF was in Chongqing in December to celebrate the grand opening of the Intel FPGA Innovation center as a featured Intel Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) partner. Intel China’s president and 400 customers and media were in attendance where SecureRF demonstrated a unique security solution, developed for Intel’s Industrial IoT group, that addresses installed industrial IoT devices that have little or no protection today. This event, including SecureRF’s participation, received significant media attention, including television coverage. If you would like to practice your Mandarin, check out our coverage on local Chongqing, China television here.



Coming Events

Embedded World Conference 2019, February 26-28, Nuremberg, Germany: Clients, prospects, partners and the press are invited to meet SecureRF to learn about our fast, quantum-resistant, ultra-low-power and small footprint methods. In addition, SecureRF’s CTO, Derek Atkins, will be presenting a technical paper on February 28th at 12:00 p.m. titled “A Future-proof Performance Enhancement for Secure MCUboot” on how our quantum-resistant WalnutDSA offers faster run-times and a lower ROM/RAM footprint than RSA and ECC. To arrange a meeting with our executives and technical staff at Embedded World, or to schedule a call with our team, please click here.